1. Notes: 1 / 1 day ago 

    Everyday, another promise broken
    Everyday, another piece is stolen

  2. 2 days ago 

    I’m all you never wanted

    I’m all you never ever needed

  3. Notes: 8 / 4 days ago  from thatmadman


    Rabbit Junk - WDKYWMYAK

  4. Notes: 122 / 4 days ago  from getmckinleylaid (originally from fatj2112)

Tristan Schane


    Tristan Schane

  5. Notes: 1494 / 5 days ago  from norma-bara (originally from fer1972)

Imaginationland. Digital Collage 2014.


    Imaginationland. Digital Collage 2014.

  6. Notes: 95661 / 5 days ago  from norma-bara (originally from dystopiaherenow)


    Some dark art by Theo Mercier.

  7. Notes: 1 / 5 days ago 

    I like when I’m asked to do something due to my skillset and experience only to then be told how things are going to be.

    Why exactly was my skills and experience necessary?

  8. Notes: 2 / 6 days ago 

    Cut Ties

    Thought it’d work with you, what a thrill, can it be real?
    Who am I kidding? Getting over people is my only skill
    When’s the lesson learned? Do I get my fill?
    Blindfolded on the execution line, shoot to kill
    Maybe if I could cage my heart, right from the start
    I wouldn’t be admiring the splatter-paint art made from my bodyparts
    If there were directions, they missed the mark
    I’m locked outside and afraid of the dark
    Hoping for the tiniest little clue
    Explain how this works, what can I not do?
    Maybe if I could remove the brain from my head
    Be a real zombie and get ahead in life with the dead

  9. 6 days ago 

    Irrational is the only ration on my rationale level.

  10. 6 days ago 

    Call it quits for the day and consider bed

    Stay up way too fuckin’ late working on shit that don’t even matter

    Hours later, and no longer tired


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