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    Sometimes I wonder if I’m swimming for the surface or the bottom

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    I wish I could just start new

  3. 1 day ago 

    Apparently there are stupid questions…

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    I hate trusting my gut, but it’s never been wrong… Every time I didn’t I ended up looking like an ass or worse. Hurts, but I know it’ll hurt worse if I don’t. 

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Cesar Ramos さんの robots ボードのピン | Pinterest
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    So, I actually got up in the morning. This is good. I haven’t gotten up in the morning in.. .weeks? Months? Time tends to pass with little to no notice… Point is i was awake, and the sun was not completely up. So, given the amount of sleep I had, the day would require a nap. However, if I did that, it would perpetuate the earlier cycle of sleep. Solution? Energy drink… which didn’t seem to fully do it. So, add coffee to the list. So, I’m awake now, but physically tired. Spent the majority of the day not wanting to do anything; headache, stomach ache, increased heart beat, erratic thought processes. I did fuck all the whole day. I actually felt like being social, for once, but I was too much of a basket case. Everything felt. Feels. Wrong. 

  7. 1 week ago 

    Kill the future and put it in rewind define the present by presence in which you define methods of madness from a mad mind can’t follow unless your my kind.

  8. 1 week ago 

    Today is doing a great job of convincing me that getting out of bed was a good idea.

    That was, of course, sarcasm.

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    zeaky replied to your post: Depression, and to a lesser extent men…

    yo why would you even want romance you have to stress out about someone else and what could be doing especially if you’re in a pretty closed relationship and it’s also expensive

    Was just making a comparison.

    To want romance I’d have to actually like people first.

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    Depression, and to a lesser extent mental illness, gets romantized all the time.

    Yet when it comes to the reality, romance is even harder to find.

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