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    Antonio Gonzales Paucar (b. 1973, Huancayo, Peru, based Berlin) - Zapatos Que Rompen El Silencio (Shoes That Break The Silence) , 2009     Installations: 1,000+ Dead Flies, Nylon String, Pair of Shoes

    (Source: sweet-station.com)

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    Nine Inch Nails - Burn (Natural Born Killers OST)

    The video for “Burn” is similar to the various screen projections used throughout Nine Inch Nails tours. Directed by Hank Corwin and Reznor, it features images of people, nature, and general destruction and decay interspersed with images from the film and Reznor singing. The video incorporates clips from Natural Born Killers and is filmed in such a way that the video mimics the film. According to IMDB.com, the Natural Born Killers clips are actually footage that was cut from the film.

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    Zdzisław Beksiński

    "A famous Polish painter  specializing in the field of utopian art, Beksiński executed his paintings and drawings either in what he called a ‘Baroque’ or a ‘Gothic’ manner. His creations are mainly two periods, the first period of the works are generally considered to contain expressionistic color, with a strong style of “utopian realism” architecture surreal, like a doomsday scenario worries. The second period more abstract style, with the main features of formalism.”

    Beksiński was murdered in 2005.

    (Source: pixography)

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    I am not a fan of the whole “well it work for me” thing.

    Like, I’m happy for you and everything. However, last time I checked I am not you.

    What works for one person has a small probability of working for someone else or even in the same capacity for someone else.

    And this isn’t a knock on those offering firsthand advice, not entirely. It’s the ones that insist it’s the THE way. Like they are somehow the archetype for all humankind. That by saying, or even so much as thinking, that the suggestion is anything but tge word of god is utter heresy.

    Like, really?

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    Hiccuping and Burping are not things that the human body should be capable of at the same time.

    I am currently not ok with this.

    I will never be ok with this.

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    Sometimes I hate having money.

    When I have no money I know all the things I need/want.

    When I have money I instantly have no idea what to do with it.

    No matter what i do, I always end up feeling like I should have done something else.

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    I love when debates devolve into some form of slander or negative opinion.

    It’s like “Ok, I can’t win this… but you’re stupid!” 

    It’s like holding a kid at bay with one hand until he gives up and calls you a meanie head.

    It’s like, really cute in that “my god, I thought I didn’t want kids before, but damn…” sort of way.

    As the kids would say, these days; he was salty.

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    muffintea replied to your post: So, I like sandwiches… like, a lot. On…

    You’ve given the general Tumblr public a list in order of what you like so anyone could actually make you a sandwich now! *hi5’s*

    I’m pretty sure only I could get it just right, there is a lot of flavor to balance here after all. It’s more an art-form than a science at this point.

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    That weird moment when Tumblr suggested I follow myself…

    That weird moment when Tumblr suggested I follow myself…

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    So, I like sandwiches… like, a lot. Only issue is that the typical sandwich does not give me that full feeling. You know what I’m talking about.

    So, I took matters into my on hands.

    • 4 slices of deli sliced meat (turkey, ham, and roast beef are good choices. Roast beef is what I go for generally though.)
    • Cheese (Monterey Jack is my go to, but any cheese will do)
    • Lettuce 
    • Tomato
    • Mustard and Mayo
    • Pepperoncini
    • Pickles
    • Onion (if I have any, not necessary though)
    • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    • Apple Cider Vinegar

    I tend to opt for big slices of pickles, cheese and tomato; along with a an equal share of lettuce. The oil and vinegar I tend to let soak into the break to avoid things being overly messy, but I still wouldn’t eat this outside of the kitchen or take it with me somewhere. 

    Making the sandwich, in general, takes longer than eating it but that nice full feeling afterwards is great. 

    As a result, I will never ask anyone to make me a sandwich because they will probably not be able to make it exactly to my liking. Plus, I like cooking (not that sandwich making is exactly cooking, but whatever).

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